HetaOni Headcanons

Drinking the water makes you gain memories. That’s why the first thing Germany did after Japan gave him the water was make the area he was hiding the safe zone- he remembered the loop where Italy died and made the place that Italy asked for before he died, a big table, a place to cook, beds side by side.


I cant come up with a better explanation for this part of the game

The Oni is the result of a game of Hide-and-Seek-Alone.

for obvious reasons, italy dies the least throughout all the timelines
Prussia's heart palpitations are actually symptoms of anxiety which built up over the timeloops. He didn't have anxiety before but now he gets panic attacks triggered by anxious feelings or depressed thoughts concerning the house.
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The timeloop Spain and Romano are stuck in is the same timeloop Germany and Italy were stuck in. That explains how England knows about Germany and Italy being from a different world, because Spain told him all about it.

At least one person has to die in order to escape from the mansion. That’s why the key wasn’t there in the current time loop, since it’s the first time they have reached the number room without losing anyone.

In the timeloop before the current one, England was the one to rewind time- this is why Italy complains about 'going to all this trouble to find it' when Japan says that they should just look at it from the outside. Italy only regains his memories inside the mansion if he is not the one to rewind time.